Welcome to Hurstbridge Netball

Interested in playing netball?

Come and join the kids from Hurstbridge.

New members are always welcome

and it's never too late to join.

We are based at Hurstbridge Primary School.

All games played outdoors, Saturday mornings at Diamond Creek Force Netball Association, Diamond Creek and some teams play in Wednesday 17/U competition in the Community Bank Stadium, Diamond Creek or Diamond Valley Stadium.

Training- Thursday after school  

9/U, 11/U &13/U        3.15 - 4.15

Uniform -        A Line dress $55

                      Hoodies       $40                                     not compulsory

Cost-    Initial cost per annum

            9/U, 11/U   

            $49(NV Reg/Ins)+$20 Team Reg (2 seasons)

            13/U, 15/U

            $49(NV Reg/Ins)+$20 Team Reg (2 seasons)

Weekly Cost- approximately $6 per game

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